When and for whom are the driving courses recommended?

About driving courses we have already spoken in this space, and there are a variety of them, aimed at less experienced drivers, others expressly recommended to improve driving techniques or to enter the competition. Choosing a driving course already especially in NY raises a series of doubts, but perhaps what most doubts can generate (if it generates them) is to answer the question: “Do I need a driving course? Why?”.

We are used to reading and hearing in the news that there are recycling courses for drivers who have lost all the points of their driving license, and therefore it may seem, at times, that this driving course is geared towards the bad guys. Not only bad drivers, but bad ones, those who commit infractions and are little less than “criminals”. This vision is somewhat limited and conditioned by the news, because in reality a driving course suits any person.

Types of driving courses we can find

There are many kinds of driving courses, each focused on improving one aspect of it, and can be divided into several categories.  All of them are based on safety as the main premise: to maintain control of the car in compromised situations. It is a common mistake to think that in the driving courses for drivers or only learn to drive the car at high speeds, skid and, in short, everything that is fun driving. On the contrary, security is fundamental, and learning to react to unforeseen stimuli is priceless. In some courses defensive and evasive driving techniques are learned, fundamental, for example, in the branch of personal protection. If you live in NY, you may need to choose nys defensive driving course.

Another type of courses are those of improvement, aimed at drivers of any type and experience (if the experience is only measured in kilometers, it is very interesting to do this course). They are taught on non-working days, such as Saturdays and Sundays, and the basics in them is to learn techniques of dexterity and control, emergency braking with and without ABS (this should be mandatory to get the card), dynamics and stability. You also learn the best way to trace sliding curves.