Why Customers Should Buy Used Cars

Consumers have been buying used vehicles instead of new vehicles for decades, and the reason never really has been a government secret. Put simply, used cars  are less expensive than those that roll right off of the assembly line, and for increasingly budget-conscious buyers there really does not need to be any other reason. Saving literally thousands of dollars is more than enough for most people.

The exciting reality is that the savings in buying used or certified pre-owned INFINITI vehicles here at INFINITI of Thousand Oaks extend well beyond just the sticker price. While buyers will save quite a bit of money right off the top, in purchasing a vehicle that is three to five years old those customers also are forgoing the most punishing years of depreciation the car ever will experience. A car on finance will never lose value faster than it does in those first few years, so buying a used car here in Thousand Oaks, CA means getting a vehicle whose value will depreciate at a slower rate.

Another financial advantage comes in the form of insurance rates, which generally are lower for used automobiles. Older models are less expensive for insurance companies to insure, so the rates often are less pricey as a result. Also, here in California, the driver registration fees are based on the price of the car, which means buyers could save money on that end, as well.

The advantages of purchasing used cars in Thousand Oaks are not all financial, however. For example, there is a lot more variety available to those willing to expand their horizons beyond just the current model year. Vehicles of the past present a myriad of options for consumers that enjoy cars and SUVs of all shapes and sizes. Different model year versions may offer varying options, but in terms of color, trim, and features, the possibilities in the used and certified pre-owned market border on endless.

Best of all, the risk that once was a big part of buying a used vehicle has been all but removed from the equation. For starters, cars last longer now than they ever have because they are built more reliably, and for those that want an added layer of protection for their used cars in Thousand Oaks, there is the option of purchasing a certified pre-owned model, which comes with extended warranties and other boons that make it a lucrative option.

Our stock of used and certified pre-owned vehicles here at INFINITI of Thousand Oaks is diverse enough for there to be something for just about anybody. Feel free to come pay us a visit anytime and test drive one for yourself.