Why Vinyl Lettering Sometimes Has Problems

Custom vinyl lettering in some companies is made from cast PVC film which is high performance and special low initial tac adhesive is added to allow the repositioning but will still have excellent durability – in some cases exterior life is 7 years.

Excellent for trucks

This makes it excellent for vinyl lettering for trucks. It is easy to apply on all surfaces – even textured. Be creative and add personality to your vehicle or home wall and this add charm and style.

Lettering request

All you need to do is fill out a lettering application, the cast vinyl is thencut by computer to your exact stipulationson size, color, exact lettering.

Easy to install

Most companies are so sure their vinyl lettering is easy to install so if you mess up they can reship lettering again. It is true there are some people who may abuse this and just try to get extra decal kits. But for most buyers, this extra assurance is really motivation they need to give this a try. In those cases, mess-ups are rare and this helps vinyl lettering truck.


There are carefully written instructions which when followed makes applying letter easy. It is advised to take a few minutes to go over the instructions. Then, take your time…don’t hurry and in a few minutes, you will be done and you will be very proud of yourself.

Splitting and cracking

For some companies they have warranties against their vinyl lettering splitting, cracking, peeling up and falling off for at least 7 years.

For some companies they have warranties on printer multi-color vinyl lettering not to fade.

But some problems come with aging

Most companies use die cutters and lamination for all their printed vinyl lettering. Inks are non-toxic, UV resistant having pigment that when heated and laminated they make the longest lasting application possible. But some ink will fade due to sunlight exposure and often just aging.

Vinyl truck stickers

Vinyl truck stickers or lettering are thin which allows a product that is conformableand able to be applied over corrugations, rivets, and complex curves. These vinyl stickers or lettering comes in 23 colors. They come to the customer pre-spaced on wax liner. You only need to peel and pasts to apply and a squeegee applicator comes with each order.