Why you need A Shop Management System for your Auto Repair Business

Cars are becoming complex with the advent of new technologies. As an auto technician, you cannot use the same techniques to solve today’s automotive problems. That is why you need a robust system to manage all aspects of an auto shop. The management process should start immediately the car is handed over to you by the customer.

You should take advantage of technology by putting a shop management system in place to handle all the aspects of the car’s repair and service process. You can never go wrong with Tekmetric Shop Management System. It boasts as being the fastest and most reliable auto shop management system in the world. You can access it from anywhere in the world and get to see all the shops from one platform. You also get enterprise-level security. Here are some of the benefits you could accrue from putting an auto shop management system in place.

Saves Times

With a system in place such as Tekmetric, you get reduce the time it takes to perform the daily operations in the shop. Such tasks include diagnosis, estimates, ordering of parts, scheduling of appointments, repairs, accounting, payroll management, customer feedback, and the general office operations. A management system will by removing clutter and focusing on the most important of the business which is customer satisfaction.

Tracking Performance

It is hard to be accountable when you don’t know how the shop is performing. The performance should be measurable so that you can know the areas that need improvement. With a robust system in place, you’re able to know what is happening at every point in the shop. The system can track when service is due and profit projections given the volumes of cars coming in. Having a 360-degree view of the business gives you the opportunity to be proactive instead of reacting to situations.


Having an organized shop will help in better service delivery. You have records of service inventory, customer appointments, technician schedules, customer and vehicle records, and invoices. Having this information organized improves accountability. It would be cumbersome to store all the information manually. Access and processing of information might not be possible since the important records are stored on physical copies. You don’t have to flip through different files when you’re looking for simple things like vehicle service history and the next service date. With an auto management system in place, all you have to do is to type in the customer’s name and all the details will be accessible from a single portal.

Better Communication

Part of customer satisfaction is enabling the flow of information. With a good system in place, you can easily access information from different department to enhance the decision-making process. Tekmetric allows users to access information from anywhere including mobile devices. Customers are able to know what is happening to their vehicle at each stage of the repair and servicing process. Real-time information keeps all the parties in the loop of what is happening.

Customer Engagement

A customer needs to know that they are valued. You can do this by engaging them in the process. In a traditional setting, they can only know what is happening through verbal communication with the technician responsible for repairs and servicing. With a good system in place, customers are more engaged and know what is happening. The process starts when they drive into the auto shop.

You also have the opportunity to upsell them if there are additional problems with the vehicle. All you have to share the reports of the diagnosis. Customers prefer that the process is seamless and fast. An auto repair should take advantage of technology to improve the processes.