Why You Should Own Your Own Oil Change Franchise

Being able to fix cars is a great skill to have. Not only does it allow you to fix your automobile with your only cost being the parts, it also gives you the opportunity to make money fixing other people’s cars. A lot of mechanics make a little money on the side fixing their friend’s and neighbor’s cars. Some even choose to make it a full-time profession.
If you are trying to open your own oil change shop, it could be a good idea to buy into a franchise. When you franchise, you essentially own and operate a proven company’s brand with your own expertise. Different companies are involved to different degrees with the individuals they are licensing their product and branding too. Here are a few great reasons to open your own oil change franchise.
1. Risk – The brand you will be operating is already proven to be successful in other markets. If it wasn’t, then they wouldn’t be in a position to franchise. You can leverage this past success and brand familiarity as a springboard for your own company’s success.
2. Fill in the Gaps – While you may be a skilled auto mechanic, you may not have a lot of experience running your own company. Franchisers often have training and marketing programs set up for their franchisees to use, giving you support in areas where you may not be as skilled. This is especially useful when it comes to employee training, in my experience.
3. Constant Help – The company’s reputation in your market relies on you and how you run the company. Because of this, many franchisers remain somewhat hands-on for the duration of the time you own the company, providing many great tools and promotions for you to use towards your success.
The key to being a successful franchisee is following the guidelines set forth by the original company. They are there for a reason, they have a proven track record of success. If you aren’t going to use the original company’s advice to run your franchise, there is really no point in franchising in the first place.